Thom Yorke

Watch Thom Yorke’s DJ Set

Check out this spectacular video from Thom’s surprise DJ set in Los Angeles last week:

Thom Yorke Live DJ Set @ Low End Theory LA 3.9.11 from Theo Jemison on Vimeo.

(Thanks to Adam)

Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke DJs in Los Angeles

Thom Yorke

(photo Credit: Lee Shaner at Knocksteady)

Last night Thom Yorke surprisingly showed up at Low End Theory in Los Angeles where he DJ’d alongside Flying Lotus and Gaslamp Killer. His DJ set included Burial, Modeselektor, Kraftwerk, Squarepusher, Madvillain, Major Lazer, among other things and laster about an hour and 20 minutes. Nigel Godrich was also there.

This isn’t the first time Thom has done a surprise DJ set in LA. You may remember that in 2009 he showed up and did a DJ set at the Roosevelt.

Were you there? Let us know in the comments!

UPDATE: More from the LA Times after the jump.

Radiohead The King of Limbs

New Radiohead album news

Stumbled upon this link at our message board, Mortigi Tempo.

Dear ——–,

Bryan helped transform a house in the Hollywood Hills into a recording studio and spent the last three weeks there recording Radiohead with Nigel Godrich. On Saturday, we waded through a driveway full of Priuses and Minis to get to the wrap party. I was giddy seeing Beck, Selma Hayek and Danger Mouse chatting around the same pool where Dean Martin and the Rat Pack used to hang out. I marveled at the hair on one rock star that resembled one of those fuzzy boom mic covers. How exactly did he describe what he wanted to his hairdresser? I guess it was just proof rock stars can get away with stuff regular folks can’t. Thom Yorke periodically toyed with the iPhone that controlled the speakers. Usually he skipped forward to a Rolling Stones song. The band wanted to record in L.A. to get away from the dismal English winter. Nigel said they were probably lolling about too much in the sunshine when they first arrived. When it started pouring down, they realized someone up there was telling them to get on with it. If their last album was “In Rainbows,” I guess they could call this one “In Rainstorms.”

Bryan is most likely Bryan Cook, a music mixing engineer from LA. He updated his twitter with this little nugget:

is enjoying the afterglow of a career highlight: 3 weeks of recording Radiohead with producer Nigel Godrich!

Well, there you go.

Radiohead tour

More from last night’s Radiohead show

Thom Yorke

Here are some links/reviews from last night’s show in Los Angeles:

Radiohead tour

Radiohead for Haiti – Tonight in Los Angeles

Radiohead for Haiti poster

Concert poster – photo by markdnger

Radiohead performed tonight at Music Box at the Fonda in Los Angeles to benefit the Haiti earthquake which left the country devastated. Since tickets were auctioned off, the hope is that a lot of money was raised for the cause. Current reports are that around $572,000 was raised, with $2,000 being the highest ticket bid. About 1,300 people were in attendance, many of them celebrities as you would expect.

The show just wrapped up, and here’s the setlist, courtesy of Muzjiks:

1. Faust Arp
2. Fake Plastic Trees
3. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
4. The National Anthem
5. Nude
6. Karma Police + reprise
7. Kid A
8. Morning Bell
9. How to Disappear Completely [ondes martenot intro]
10. Wolf at the Door [Thom forgetting the words]
11. The Bends
12. Reckoner [w/ false start]
13. Lucky
14. Bodysnatchers
15. Dollars & Cents
16. Airbag [fan choice between ‘Airbag’ and ‘Just’]
17. Exit Music [Thom alone to start]

Encore #1
18. Everything In Its Right Place [Thom solo on piano]
19. You and Whose Army? [rest of band returns to stage]
20. Pyramid Song
21. All I Need

[crowd is stomping]

Encore #2
22. Lotus Flower
23. Paranoid Android
24. Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Did you go to the show? If so, let us know your experience in the comments and gigography! We’re definitely curious about the new song that was played with the full band, “Lotus Flower.” This song was first played during Thom’s Eraser band show in LA last October.  Okay, it’s been told to us that Thom performed “Lotus Flower” alone and not with the full band.

Thom is reportedly DJing the small afterparty. How fancy.

Oh, and where can we get one of these badass gig posters like the one above?

Phil Selway Radiohead tour

Radiohead playing Haiti benefit show this Sunday

From Dead Air Space:

We’re doing a show this Sunday (24th January) to raise funds for the relief effort in Haiti. The venue is The Music Box Theatre at The Fonda in Los Angeles, doors at 7pm. All proceeds are going to the Oxfam Haiti relief fund. We’re trying to raise as much money as possible, so tickets will be sold by auction at this site from 8pm tonight until 11am Saturday (PST):

We’re in the middle of recording at the moment, so you’ll be catching us on the fly…. but if you’re up for it, then we are too.

See you then


and then:

Just to clarify times for ticket sales

Auction starts Thursday 21st January 08.00 pm PST
Auction ends Saturday 23rd January 11.00 am PST

Well, that’s all clear now….