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New album news


Radiohead plan to go back into the studio in May to record a new album according to Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien. The guitarist told worldpop: ‘The band are planning a get-together in May in the studio. We’re putting all gigs on hold at the moment to concentrate on writing new material.’
Speaking at yesterday’s NME/Carling Awards where the band won the award for Best Video for Pyramid Song, O’Brien said the new album may be a return to a guitar based format, ditching the electronica the band experimented with on Kid A and Amnesiac. ‘We’re listening to a lot of guitar music at the moment,’ said O’Brien. ‘I like a lot of the new bands like Electric Soft Parade.’

‘It’s a bit embarrassing to pick up an award for Best Video,’ continued the guitarist, ‘because it wasn’t made by us.’

O’Brien also refuted the band’s critics who claim they make depressing records. ‘We don’t make unhappy records. We make uplifting ones,’ he said.

Radiohead’s guitarist Jonny Greenwood has also contributed to a new Bryan Ferry solo album entitled Frantic. The album is released on 15 April and Greenwood played on the track, Hiroshima.

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Amnesiac Radiohead

NME nominations

Radiohead has been been nominated for four NME Carling Awards in the following categories: Best Band, Best Album (Amnesiac), Best Live Act, and Best Music Video (Pyramid Song).

The awards will be handed out on February 25 in London. Click for the full list of nominees

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Amnesiac Radiohead

Radiohead: Simply the Best

Radiohead’s “Pyramid Song” made it to #1 on Nightshift’s Simply the Best – 20 Songs for ’01:

1. RADIOHEAD: “PYRAMID SONG” – Even by their incredible standards, this was an astonishing song. The first single from “Amnesiac”, “Pyramid Song” answered all of Radiohead’s critics in majestic style, taking a desolate trek across frozen tundra, into pop’s heart of darkness. A song dense enough to suck the light out of the room, it snakes in a casually malevolent way across what sounds like the film score to an old Roman epic, dissected and assimilated by the Borg and topped off by Thom Yorke’s detached, repressed howl. One of the bleakest songs ever written. Quite magnificent.

See the full list…
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Amnesiac Radiohead

Two RH Cuts Get A New Look

Radiohead have given two tracks from Amnesiac the once-over for a specially commissioned video used as the highlight of the Projectors Animation Festival held at the Centre For Contemporary Arts in Glasgow. The combined version of “Pull/Pulk Revolving Doors” and “Like Spinning Plates”, which took four months to complete, was directed by Johnny Hardstaff for Black Dog, of Bjork and Aphex Twin fame. No announcement has been made whether the film, which makes the video for “Pyramid Song” seem as fun and happy as a little kid flying a kite on a sunny day, will be available to the general public.

Amnesiac Radiohead


From Capitol Records: Yep, Radiohead, Sparklehorse and The Warhols are putting a whole new spin on the title “actor/musician/director.” The HIQI (that’s hick-ey,folks) Film series, starring all of the above, may be coming to a city near you. Check out the short films created (by Grant Gee, Guy Madden and more) to go hand in hand with Sparklehorse’s latest release “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Catch Radiohead turning the city of Dublin upside down plus watch their colourful vids for “Knives Out” and “Pyramid Song.” And last, but certainly not least, put on your philosophical thinking cap for Warhols’ frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor’s directorial debut, “The End Of The World As We Knew It.”

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Tonight the band will be playing the Gorge in George, WA.

A concert set for Aug. 1 in Grant Park by the white-hot rock group Radiohead will mark an unprecedented experiment in outdoor admission-only concerts on Chicago’s “front lawn.” Producers will construct a temporary fenced venue for the show, which could attract fans who were unable to get a ticket.

The concert by the British quintet sold 16,000 tickets in four minutes last Saturday (as fast as the system can sell tickets), evidence of a great demand among fans to see the group, whose computer-heavy art rock sound is credited with transforming contemporary music. Whether the show will mark a successful new way of producing such events?raditionally held in amphitheaters or sports stadiums?s open to question, depending on how traffic, security and crowd control outside the concert is handled. Read more… {thanks to Emil}

MTV 2 (USA) will be airing a Radiohead special on July 4. During this special will be an “amazing” interview that all five members of the band did with Gideon Yago while at the Red Rocks concert. There will also be some live footage as well. {thanks to Ultragrrrl, Diskeater, & Torie}

VH1 has a new Radiohead Player for you to download.

The 1998 Amnesty International Concert that Radiohead took part in will air on TNT Latin America on Thursday, June 28th at 17:45 (GMT -5), 19:45 (in Argentina). Make sure to check your local listings. {thanks to italo rossi}

According to Radio 1’s Mark and Lard, the “Knives Out” single will be released in the UK on August 6. {thanks to Joe}

Check out this Amnesiac review.

A DJ called Dave Clarke has released an album caled “World Service”. It’s a double CD with an Electro and Techno mix. Featured on the Electro set is Radiohead’s “Idioteque” in full as appeared on Kid A without any re-mixing. Apparently Dave said the track was perfect as it was and required no-remixing to suit the electro genre. {thanks to Duncan}

Check out this page! It has got some really interesting stuff about Amnesiac and “Pyramid Song”. has gotten hold of some new promo pics. Yay!

Q Magazine has got a 20-page feature on Radiohead, their history, and what it was like to record OKC, Kid A, and Amnesiac. {thanks to Dave}

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