New prints from Stanley

An email from Mr. Donwood:
Hello. This is an email to let you know that I’m doing another series of prints, this time for Banksy’s site,
You’ve probably heard of Banksy; he’s done loads of graffiti all over the world. He gave some monkeys in a zoo pieces of cardboard with ‘I’m a celebrity – get me out of here’ written on them.
Anyway, his site features prints from loads of people, such as 3D, Jamie Hewlett, David Shrigley, and one of my favourite artists ever, Gee Vaucher.
So I’m pretty pleased to be associated with the site, and I’m doing some different work to that on my own site,
To start with there are four new prints, but I’m planning to add another six or so over the summer. So yes, this is an announcement; go to And And
Stanley Donwood

By Jonathan

New York, NY