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Radiohead “A Genre” Info-graphic

Radiohead info-graphic

Jamie Gurnell wrote in to tell us that he created an info-graphic about Radiohead’s music. On his site, he says:

Radiohead is a band that is the very definition of “unclassifiable” I developed this idea of bleeding genres into each other and plotting the corresponding songs on a graph. It was by no means a mathematical undertaking and took several hours of quite enjoyable listening and debate to achieve. What you come away with is the basic idea that Radiohead in itself is its own genre, refusing to fit anywhere but inside itself.

I am aware that this graph will come under scrutiny and be the brunt of harsh remarks, but in a way, that is what it is meant to do. It is meant to be discussed. It is an ongoing work in progress and until Radiohead stops making music it will never be finished.

If you have any suggestions, remarks or thoughts on improving or altering this design I am completely open to them.

After a few more revisions I plan on trying to get some of these made.
They will be approximately 30X30 Inch silk screens.

Many thanks to my friend Art Commisso for the help.

You can view a larger version here.
You can download an even larger version here.

You can view the info-graphic up close by checking out Jamie’s site or clicking the two links above.

Hail to the Thief Radiohead

Hint of HTTT artwork?

The Capitol Records Radiohead site has been updated with a new look. Is this a hint to what the album artwork will look like?
(thanks to Ben)

Hail to the Thief Radiohead

Hail to the Thief

screenshot from last December’s Radiohead webcast

Sources have told Green Plastic that Radiohead’s sixth album will be titled Hail to the Thief. We can expect more information about the album, including the tracklisting, to be announced on Monday.

Hail to the Thief Radiohead

New album release

Pitchfork is now listing the new Radiohead album as having a June 17th release date.

(thanks to Jimmy & Brice)

Hail to the Thief Radiohead

New album details

We’ve gotten some more details about the new Radiohead album that is scheduled to be released this Spring. The album title could be “2+2=5” or “Are You Listening?”. The band are still kicking around ideas so it’s not quite certain if they’ve decided.

The band recorded 4 tracks at Ocean Way Studios in Los Angeles and 13 in London, where they also re-recorded 2 of the LA cuts. However, the album will only have 13 tracks on it. Still no word on a tracklisting, though “Where I End and You Begin” is most likely going to be the first single.

The band will gather to mix the album at the end of January. Once we have more details, we’ll pass them along.

It’s important to note that this information may change before the official news is announced.

Hail to the Thief Radiohead Thom Yorke

New album info

From the NME:

Radiohead’s next album will be the “exact opposite” of ‘Amnesiac’ and ‘Kid A’ Thom Yorke has exclusively told NME.COM.

At their recent recording session in LA the band completed ten songs.

“We’ve done ten tracks that worked,” Yorke told NME.COM. “All we’ve done so far is stuff that sort of seemed to work at the time. We basically wanted to capture the whole performance thing really. Catching a particular moment, because ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac’ were quite heavily thought through, so we’re trying to do the exact opposite of that really.”

As revealed in NME last week, Radiohead spent two weeks at the Ocean Way studios in Los Angeles with producer Nigel Godrich, where they began work on their sixth studio album.

However, the singer put paid to rumours that this meant a return to the guitar sound made famous on early albums ‘The Bends’ and ‘OK Computer’.
When asked if the new record would be a guitar album he said: “Not really no, that’s the thing that would be a mistake to think, it’s just sort of capturing that energy.”

Of the new songs, Radiohead recorded a “good version” of new song ‘We Suck Young Blood’. However, Yorke said that, if anything, they suffer from having too many ideas in the studio.

“Again, it’s the same thing with us that the tone of the album’s only ever dictated by what you’re listening to, and each song’s different from the others. We’re trying lots of different angles at once, as usual,” he said.

From here, Radiohead will remain in the UK for more recording sessions with Godrich, with a view to releasing the currently untitled album early next year. Yorke said that if they don’t hit that release date, he’ll “go mad”. He joked: “Another two years doing a fucking record? We’ll go crazy!”

However, Yorke goes back out to the US later this month to play a rare solo show at the Bridge School Benefit Concert at the Mountain View Shoreline Amphitheatre (October 26-27).
(thanks to Sergio, Kev, & Sarah)