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Phil Selway hints at future Radiohead shows, releases new solo material

Radiohead drummer and all around good guy, Phil Selway, recently talked with BBC 6 Music about his recent solo work. During the interview, he hinted that Radiohead may be in for some live dates soon, saying that the band has been discussing doing more shows after their recent Glastonbury performance.

When asked whether the slot on the Park Stage had whetted their appetite for a potential tour he admitted it had.

“Absolutely that is what we are talking about at the moment, it felt exciting doing that and it felt like we had something else to offer musically.

“It just felt like a new lease of life in what we are doing, and we would like to see where that takes us.”

After the jump, you can listen to Phil’s interview and also learn more about his new EP release. Oh, and for good measure, we’ll throw in a video of Radiohead’s recent Glastonbury performance.

Radiohead tour

Radiohead at Glastonbury 1997

Glastonbury 1997

For those in the UK, the digital-only BBC4 will be airing an hour of Radiohead’s set from Glastonbury 1997 at 1:15 AM this Sunday night/Monday morning.

Set your DVR!

(thanks to Duncan)

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New Radiohead album almost complete, Thom and Jonny play Glasto

Wow, we picked the wrong time to go on vacation. In case you didn’t hear last week, Ed O’Brien announced during an interview with BBC 6 Music that Radiohead are “a matter of weeks” away from completing their next studio release.

He told 6 Music’s Adam Buxton that the Oxford five-piece changed their working methods on the new material, to avoid the lengthy recording process involved in recent albums such as In Rainbows.

“It was such a slog. We decided at the end of the record never to do it like this again. That was kind of the end of Radiohead mark two.”

To listen to the interview, go here.

Thom Yorke at GlastonburyMeanwhile, Thom and Jonny delighted everyone with a surprised slot at Glastonbury on Friday night. Organiser Michael Eavis introduced the pair, saying, “Welcome to the biggest surprise of the weekend. There’s two superstars, I’ll not name them but they’re standing right there.” Thom Yorke then rather unnecessarily introduced himself with “Hi, my name’s Thomas Yorke” before launching into ‘The Eraser.’

The pair played a mix of Yorke’s solo material and Radiohead favourites, including ‘Harrowdown Hill,’ ‘Weird Fishes/Arpeggi,’ ‘Idioteque’ and ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out).’ Their rendition of ‘Karma Police’ naturally prompted a mass crowd singalong.

The lucky few who had witnessed this most special of impromptu sundown shows Tweeted rapturously about the experience afterwards. It was fitting that Radiohead, a band whose 1997 headline slot is widely considered one of the all-time classic Glastonbury performances, should show up to make sure the festival’s 40th anniversary year was one to remember.


01 The Eraser
02 Harrowdown Hill
03 Black Swan
04 Cymbal Rush
05 Arpeggi
06 Pyramid Song
07 Idioteque
08 Karma Police
09 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

What’s that? You want some video? Greg Clarkson at your service! Here’s ‘Weird Fishes/Arpeggi’ shot from the 2nd row. Check out his YouTube Channel later as he says he’ll upload more.

OK Computer Radiohead tour

Full Radiohead performance at Glastonbury 1997

Spotted on our message board, Mortigi Tempo: Full Radiohead performance at Glastonbury 1997. It was filmed from the crowd, so not the best visual quality but the audio is top notch, especially considering this is from a VHS to DVD transfer. Enjoy!

Ed O'Brien In Rainbows Radiohead Thom Yorke tour

Ed and Thom on BBC 6 Music, talk about In Rainbows and touring

radio205x150.jpgIf you missed Ed and Thom on Steve Lamacq’s BBC 6 Music program, don’t worry! You can listen to it by clicking this link. You’ll need RealPlayer, though.

Some highlights:
– Thom being asked what he did the day the album was released online: “I seem to remember sitting at home thinking there’s something I’m supposed to be doing today. I didn’t do anything that day.”

– Thom and Ed talk about how they recorded part of In Rainbows in a dilapidated mansion and slept in caravans on the grounds. Nigel wanted to throw the band “in an uncomfortable” situation. “Bodysnatchers” was recorded in a live take there.

– Nigel limited the band to about 15 or 16 songs to focus on to record.

– Thom on why “Reckoner” is completely different than the live version: “Because it’s not the same song. There was a song called Reckoner. I wrote a second part to it and then Jonny wrote another part to it and the song as it was left the building.”

– Thom on why “Nude” took so long to be released: “I think it’s because I used to hate the way I sung it.”

– “Down is the New Up” is described as “mental” by Thom. “Wait till you hear it.” He really wanted it to be on the album but according to Ed, it didn’t fit.

– Thom talked about all the “mad theories on the net”, specifically about the theory of 10s.

– Ed remarked that he was happy that Thom’s voice on In Rainbows was upfront and not “pulled back.”

– If they could relive one Radiohead moment again, both Thom and Ed would relive Glastonbury 1997 where the lights and PAs blew up.

– Speaking of Glastonbury, it sounds like they may be playing it this year if “they want us.”

– Though not finalized or confirmed, they may be playing the US for a couple of weeks starting in May. Europe would follow in June/July. Again, nothing is confirmed!

Stanley Donwood Thom Yorke

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Speaking of Glastonbury, we have heard that Thom was spotted with his girlfriend and two kids camping in the mud amongst all the other fans at the festival.