GP Tour Diary #1

I arrived in London yesterday at around 1pm local time. My flight was a very uncomfortable 10 hour journey from San Francisco. I couldn’t sleep at all because I was sitting between two larger guys who didn’t believe in sharing the arm rests.

Anyway. I met up with my friend Brian and we left Heathrow airport on the tube. We were sitting there and I saw this guy next to us listening to one of those Sony Musiclips. At first I thought it was something else but then I noticed it had the modified Radiohead bear on it! I quickly asked him about it and he said that he does some record producing and got the clip cause he knew the right people. He mentioned he met Ed last July and even told him how great the fan sites where. I told him I ran Green Plastic and he was very cool and said he knew of it and visits it regularly. His name was Alvaro and was from Portugal.

We finally got to the Harlingford House in Russel Square. I couldn’t believe how small the hotel was! It was very nice, though.

We left for the park shortly after checking in. It took us forever to find the place.

Once there, I was amazed at the beauty of the tent. It was tremendous! We got there right when Clinic was on but I wanted to head on over to the w.a.s.t.e. tent so we missed their set. They had lots of goodies for sale there! Posters, rain ponchos, t-shirts, etc… I tried to look for Mel from w.a.s.t.e. but couldn’t find her. Maybe tonight.

After spending too much on merchandise, we headed to the main tent. Radiohead came on at 8 and started with the National Anthem. I cannot say enough good things about how great the sound set up was there. It was amazing! The band sounded great and played most of the same stuff from earlier tent shows. I’ll post a set list up soon, a long with some pictures.

We met some great people, including two girls from South Africa. Just want to say “Hi” to Amanda and Pippa!

Some highlights: Thom seemed pissed at first and didn’t talk. He said “I’m not talking tonight cause enough crap has been said already.”

How to Disappear was completely beautiful. I had goose bumps everywhere!

During Karma Police, Thom messed up the second verse by singing the first verse over again.

Idioteque was spectacular. Thom was everywhere, exuberant and dancing all around the stage. What a great song!

Well, I’ve got to go. Even though it’s raining, I’ll still be at tonight’s show. If any of you out there wants to say hi, please do! I’ll be wearing a navy blue Portishead t shirt and possibly a yellow w.a.s.t.e. rain poncho!

Another entry will come tomorrow!


By Jonathan

New York, NY