UPDATED: Lego Version of Just Video

We reported earlier about a LJ user who had 109 Radiohead icons available for your pleasure. Well, digging a little deeper, we find that this enterprising young lass has, using a PC and a webcam, redone the entire video for Just using Legos. Now, here at GP, we’re not only Radiohead fans, we’re keen on those Legos too, and to find something that blends both, well, warrants a mention.
One interesting side effect we’ve noticed about linking to someone’s personal site- it has a tendency to, ahem, go down almost immediately, so if you don’t get through at first, try try again.
(Big thanks to Ashley!)
UPDATE:As expected, Ashley got whacked with about 40gigs worth of download in about 3 hours (don’t worry, we asked her first). So that’s it for her personal webpage for a while. But fear not- she’ll be moving to a better place, a place with unlimited bandwidth, very soon, and we’ll relink when the time is right.
Also, we should mention that this link did appear on the CUTW Message Boards (good people over there- we love the At Ease boards too, but sometimes you need a bit less noise) before it appeared here. Credit where credit is due…